A lot of hard work is hidden behind nice things. Ralph Lauren


The best advertising is done by satisfied customers. Philip Kotler

Florin is a solid 10/10! He came in to save me just 6 hours prior to my deadline after 4 previous designers were either unable to provide a clear design or some even made my presentation look worse. For a second time, he provided a clean yet sexy presentation even though my slides were overloaded with text due to my slide number constraint by my client. His best trait is that is very well-versed and can even provide insights on your content, regardless of subject, and he is very spot on. I can’t recommend him highly enough! Florin, just a huge Thank You!

Yannis I.

Florin delivered beyond expectation. Excellent communication, competence, English skills, and with a genuine wish to actually make you succeed. If you are looking to create something of premium quality, Florin is someone you want to work with.

STEPHAN L., Beauty Roses

We chose to work with Florin because, from the very beginning of our collaboration, he offered high quality designs that added value to our business. We highly recommend him for his fast project delivery and for the out-of-the box cost effective solutions he always found.

Mike D., Dependable Logistics